Thoughts on labor jobs as cheap exercise

Admittedly, in theory this sounds like a great idea, consolidate work with exercise (that is SO brilliant). But be warned, most labor jobs are repetitive and require continual excursion (even after fatigue has set in) well beyond a standard rep workout. In short, you will need to workout to do the labor job, don’t consider it a workout in itself.

When your starting out in this situation, don’t workout on the same day as a big excursion day at work. Off days are the best times to build a routine, and it gets you off the couch. One day of lazy a week is ok, but remember the old law, “objects in motion tend to stay in motion”. That means you too!

Use the work to help you get moving, but play it safe, just like prior warnings on overdoing it, injury will trump any issue of pride you come across.

All the best- Guy    

Working out in basements

Yard maintenance, dog walking and basement aerobics are the ways I’m working on trimming the fat. Suggestions? Let me know what your summer routine consist of. Thanks, Guy



The Sada Bike, A Bicycle That Folds Down to the Size of a Backpack

I thought, ” what a neat idea for city travel”. Imagine rush hour with hundreds of collapsible bikes and people in three piece suits.
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Remember that time I mixed up the blogs and posted to the wrong one… Yeah good times.
If you are still following me, first thanks, secondly I would like to hear from you!
(Believe it or not, I had a personal goal, I obtained it and now I want to know if any of you would be amiss if I focused on other things or do the post hold any value to you to continue.) If any of you aren’t bots I honestly want a dialog with you (since you took the time to follow).
So hit me up, I’d like to hear from you.

I’ll be posting this on all the blogs so I can get a real head count, then I’ll update you for the real deal blog (coming soon).

Again thanks for your input, your hearts, your general support of poetry and thoughts, and your pieces (some of you guys are wicked talented).

Hope to hear from you soon!

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"Time to make a new commitment to weight loss." 1 note


"Just a reminder,
those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind."

It’s May

With the changing of the season, I have taken inventory on my improved fitness. When I began in January, I could not jog for any length of time. Now as of May, I am able to maintain a jog for about 5 minutes! I think the key to this has been pace and monitoring my heart rate. The treadmill has been a wonderful help in making this a reality. With no injury, I have slowly built myself into a more active me. Yard work has resumed, and unlike in past years, I have been able to push-mow in the heat with fewer stops (I was even able to get in another yard to boot) :D

Entering into the summer months, I plan to trade out the treadmill for laps at the pool (hunting down a good aquatic center to visit). I find that I have a slight allergy to pool chlorine after repeated use, so ideally I look for the salt treated or more natural additives that some centers choose to treat their pools with. Even then, more than two trips a week and I start getting the swimmer’s ear. To counter this I switch it up with more outdoor walking will need to be the norm, (I try to beat the buses) and I always try to work in a couple of walks with friends whenever possible.

Remember to stay hydrated and visit new places! Keep your walk places fresh; as for myself, I enjoy learning about local history and I find building architecture fascinating! Find your thing and work it into the routine.


"Part of the fun of excercising is the indulgence of forming a workout track." 1 note

New workout this week

I have this crazy idea that exercise should be a positive thing. I know, I know, I really am just talking crazy right? NO WAY!

I really don’t know where the idea came from, and there are time you SHOULD push yourself, but a healthy lifestyle should be about enjoying a more active lifestyle. Any thoughts?


"This has been a week of schedule havoc. I have been plateau this week, I am hoping it is because of new muscle growth. I gave up yogurt for Lent, which means more salads and humus. Sleep schedule still a little wonky with the double-shift I pulled last Friday. I’m recovering but the spring break has made some noticeable changes to my routine, fortunately next week should have things back on track."
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